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Keith Rinehart 
Head of Tree Services & Co-Owner
Carol Rinehart
Head of Crafts Dept. & Co-Owner
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About Rustic Pines Tree Farm
The first trees at Rustic Pines Tree Farm were planted in 1993 with the first year of Christmas trees being sold in 1999. We have approximately 3,000 Christmas trees on 4 of the 10 acres of land that our farm covers. We have a craft shop heated by a wood-burning stove for a cozy place to get out of the wind and enjoy hot cider and coffee while Christmas carols are playing in the background. At Christmas time we also offer a wide variety of spruce tips, garland, wreaths, and swags.

In 2001 we started spading trees. With our tree spade we can move trees from one location to another, whether it be one of your trees in the backyard the front yard or from our farm to your home. With our tree spade we are also able to make instant windbreaks for you.

We also have nursery stock available for spring planting. Our nursery stock is on a custom order basis. You can order anything from apple trees to strawberry plants and maple trees to arborvitaes. If it is a plant, then we can order it for you. Because it is on a custom order basis we are able to keep our prices at an affordable rate for you, however some plants come in to us in bundles of 5 or bundles of 10. We have a policy that we must have at least 60% of the bundle sold before we can order it for you. So if you wanted one red maple tree that comes in a bundle of 5, than we would have to have at least two other customers who want that same maple tree. This is usually never a problem however. 

Rustic Pines Tree Farm is family-owned and operated right here in Kiester, MN. Since our farm opened in 1999, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other farms may offer similar services, but our services are one of a kind, and come with a personal touch. 
Keith founded this farm along with Carol in 1992. He planted the first trees and currently works and oversees that all processes regarding the trees and tree sales run smoothly.
Carol founded this farm along with Keith in 1992. She helped plant the first trees and currently oversees the craft shop and works with all of the farm's financial needs.
Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams